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Since, August 14, 1919
Rev. Joseph Williams 

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MHBC, is the church that feels like home.
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Will you come? To obtain the favor of God, it is necessary to put away our sins and purify our hearts. That is, do not rest satisfied with a mere external reformation; with putting away your outward transgressions. There must be a deeper work than that; a work which shall reach to the heart, and which shall purify the affections. In Jesus Name. 

The King Philosophy

Here is an excerpt from Dr. King's 1957 speech, Birth of A New Nation:

Dr. King said, “The aftermath of nonviolenceis the creation of the beloved community. The after-math of nonviolence is redemption. The aftermath of nonviolence is reconciliation. The aftermath of violence is emptiness and bitterness.”

A year later, in his first book StrideToward Freedom, Dr. King reiterated the importance of non-violence in attaining "The Beloved Community." In other words, our ultimate goal is integra-tion, which is genuine inter-group and inter-personal living.

Only through nonviolence can this goal be attained, for the aftermath of nonviolence is reconciliation and the creation of the Beloved Community."

Morris Hill Baptist Church
28066 Bell Park Road
Lacombe, LA 704

WORKSHIP SERVICE: Sunday at 11:30 a.m. | CST.
NOTICE: Times may vary. Please call for information.

Rev. Joseph Williams

The First Lady - Cynthia Williams

Cynthia Williams
"First Lady"


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Rev. Joseph Williams

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